Pastor Tim Brewington

Pastor Tim Brewington II, M.Div

Pastor Tim’s assignment and divine responsibility is “…to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, for building up the body of Christ.” Ephesians.  Pastor Tim’s expectation is that every member of Fellowship Church will discover God’s call and gifts for their lives and grow spiritually.  Pastor Tim defines ministry as participating with God and cooperating with His people in serving others to meet their needs, while fulfilling our calling, and bringing glory to God.  Pastor Tim believes that every believer has been called to ministry.

Pastor Brewington is the author of the book FOR THE RECORD which takes the reader through the emotional journey of faith and fear as he is confronted with his own mortality at a very young age. In 2016, Pastor Brewington earned a Masters of Divinity in Apologetics from Luther Rice College and Seminary and blends his personal experience within the biblical context to develop his unique theological perspective. Pastor Brewington is a spiritual mentor to individuals seeking to embrace their true purpose and identity in Christ and is currently the pastor of Fellowship Church in Woodbury, MN.

Dr. Dana Brewington, DPM


Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Dr. Brewington accepted a podiatrist position and relocated to Minneapolis, MN in 2007. Originally scheduled for a one year contract, God definitely had different plans, namely the birth of Fellowship Church.  Dr. Dana currently serves as the Praise and Worship Leader as well as the Director of the R.E.A.L. Women’s Ministry. Known for her gift of encouragement and exhortation, servant’s heart, and infectious humor, Dr. Brewington is an integral part of Fellowship Church and believes in serving the Lord with “all your heart, mind and soul.”  She desires to see people saved and delivered and prays earnestly for all to find and operate in their divine purpose.

She serves faithfully along the side of her husband Pastor Tim whom she has been married to for almost 30 years. Pastor Tim and Dr. Dana have three 3 children all of which serve in the ministry of Fellowship Church.


Dana Brewington